What is Coaching?

Coaching is a special relationship between a client and a Coach where the client has the desire to “change” the path of their personal and professional life in order to achieve the impossible, and the Coach uses learned techniques to increase the self-awareness of the client whereby they are able to change to experience a change in mindset which then facilitates the achievement of their dreams.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a specialised stream of coaching to facilitate the development of self-mastery.  The coaching process enables one to increase leadership performance which is cascaded throughout the team.  The overall increase in team performance results in exceeding expectations and contribution to organizational goals.

What qualifies one to be a Coach?

A qualified Coach undertakes to be certified through a recognised body such as the ICF (International Coach Federation), and entails a program of study through a recognised institution, a written and observed assessment of their skills and ability as a Coach.  The number of hours of coaching experience qualifies a Coach to achieve higher levels of accreditation and recognised credentials.

What can one hope to achieve with the help of a Coach?

As mentioned Coaching is a partnership and a process that is customised to the personal needs of a client. A Coach facilitates the removal of perceived blocks and barriers by using tried and tested techniques that are learned and practised through the IPEC certification programme.  These techniques catalyse the movement of an individual from the present into the future of their design.

How long does it take for the client to see results?

The process of Coaching is not time bound for results to show up.  The coach is a partner facilitator just like one might use a trainer in the gym.  The brain muscle requires the same amount of commitment and consistent nurturing as it takes to gain body muscle to bring about change.  For this reason, a coaching program may entail anywhere from six to twelve sessions?

Does Coaching provide results?

Research and studies conducted by the International Coach Federation indicates that the ROI for coaching is the highest for any personal investment that a person can make in their lifetime.  The reason is because:

  • Rapport and bonding between the Coach and Client creates Energy required for transformation.
  • Clients are accountable for the goals they set.
  • The client reaches a higher level of awareness and learns new skills. These powers transform into greater self-confidence which brings about achievement and success.

What is a “Breakthrough” in a coaching session? 

A “Breakthrough” or several “Breakthroughs” occur in a coaching session when a client arrives new and higher levels of realisation that increases self-awareness.  It is also referred to as an “aha” moment when the brain registers a piece of information and changes the perception of a situation and brings about a change in the mindset.  “Breakthroughs” and “aha” moments are sustainable.

What is the duration of a Coaching session?

A typical Coaching session is 45 minutes to 60 minutes.  However, if there is momentum in the session it may go for a longer period based on the need of a client.

How often do the sessions occur?

It is highly recommended to have a session once a week to see sustainable results. Similar to going to the gym three to four times a week.

How is coaching delivered?

Coaching is delivered through 1:1 sessions, in groups that are conducted in person, telephone and other internet visual applications such as Skype and Zoom.

How much work does the client have to do?

Accountability exercises are assigned in between sessions based on the needs of the client so that the clients put into practice new learnings that greatly increases movement towards achievement and sustainability of the desired goals.