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Rose-marie Fernandez,

Intercultural Communications Expert | Executive Coach Facilitator | Author | Inspirational Speaker | Cultural Orientation Framework™ (COF™) Certified.

Cultural Orientation Framework

Every Intercultural Communications and Team Coaching Program augments Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives and includes the Cultural Orientations Framework™ (COF™) Assessment. The advantage is that the Assessment brings to the forefront all cultural differences that are inherent in an ‘individual’, the ‘team’ and the ‘organization’.

The strong recommendation for utilization of the COF™ Assessment is that it allows leadership and coaching to take place without judgement or a fixed format.  All cultural orientations have its merits and when leaders are able to identify the strong points, and increase in understanding between each other results in cohesiveness and job satisfaction.

Key Benefits

The framework has a number of uses that will be of benefit to your whole organization.
Five Key Benefits of the COF™ Assessment are:

Discovering new cultural choices

An awareness of other cultural orientations offer new choice for dealing with the self and team situations.

Assess cultural differences

When several cultures are involved in a team the COF™ provides an understandable and referenced approach providing clarity, differences and similarities among cultures.

Bridge different cultures

Once cultural differences have been recognized attention can be paid on building bridges to address any gaps that may exist.

Envision a desired culture

The best use of the COF™ is that it provides a vocabulary to describe an ideal culture. This facilitates creating and understanding a common thought in evolving a desired growth.

Leverage cultural diversity

A leader can make the most of the cultural differences inherent in the team, with differences that are clearly identified the best, and can be derived from individual.

Adapted from Leading and Coaching Across Cultures by Prof. Philippe Rosinski
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