Rose-marie taught me how to let go of stagnant energy and welcome in a fresh part of my life. In a very short period of time, I was able to find a new rewarding job, move into a beautiful new apartment, and make some serious progress.  Rose-marie’s insight and guidance gave me the push I needed to move forward and grow in a very deep way.

Hillary Reid

Rose-marie’s ability to listen between the lines pushed me to address counterproductive behaviours. This enabled me to regain focus and push to achieve my long term personal/professional goals.  Rose-marie’s approach is stellar for mid-career professionals like me, looking to step things up to the next level.  I would highly recommend a session and any working opportunities with her in the future.

Sudarshan Jaganathan

Rose-marie is great in brainstorming and helped me find new ideas and concepts to use in my life.  She is a very balanced person and this is her greatest gift because she knows exactly how she can help people to find balance in their personal life.  I strongly recommend Rose-marie as a coach!

Stratos Kalpakidis

Rose-marie is able to connect and re-frame ideas to help you arrive at breakthroughs faster than you could do it on your own. The momentum you get after streamlining your ideas into laser focus is invaluable. Moreover, she is relentlessly positive and takes a real interest in her client’s successes.

Rebecca Spour

Rose-marie helped me to focus on my strengths and face any negative thoughts head-on. She helped me tremendously. I’m very happy about the progress that I’ve made in different aspects of life with the coaching experience with her. She is very passionate about what she does in a very caring way.

Asim Ali

Rose-marie helped me sort through my hurdles and blockages (both real and perceived). Within the context of some long-term objectives, she helped me set short-term goals for myself. Professional coaching with Rose-marie gave me focus and helped me stay on task. I am so much the better for it now.

Fauzia Rizvi Timberlake

Rose-marie was exactly what I needed in a coach. I found that I was suffering from bouts of negative energy as a started my new business.  Rose-marie helped me reframe much of my thinking to see both obstacles and opportunities in a different light.  She helped me to recognize when I was slipping from a place of high positive energy and that I could consciously make simple changes to reverse that slide.  Rose-marie was easy to talk to and provided me with numerous “tools” that I will use for years to come.

Cheryl Byrne

Rose-marie is a talented and gifted trainer.  Our experience of working with her has been very good, as a committed professional she delivered for our team an engaging training module on “True Colors”, followed by multiple training sessions for a leading local Bank for their Managers on soft skills.  She was also involved in delivery of training modules from the Chartered Management Institute UK Level 3 & 5 courses on Leadership for our clients.  Her style and delivery methods have been appreciated by all our clients as she endeavors to give her best to all assignments awarded to her.  Good luck and wishing you continued success.
Jasmin Kharas

Chief Operating Officer URS

Thank you for being my coach and helping me on my transformational journey. The energy assessment that you provide plus your one on one powerful coaching’s helped me determine and move in the direction of my goal. I was able to accomplish my dream of becoming a full time entrepreneur this year and enjoying every moment of my new life. You are an awesome coach and whoever works with you will surely see the shift happening in themselves benefiting tremendously.

Mehrnaz Dehmiri

Are you ready to take charge of your life and rebuild your future?