26 Pathways – an e- Guidebook to a “Life my Way”

Alphabet L – Love

Loving yourself first is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. Treat yourself as you would have others treat you.

We do damage when we engage in negative self labelling, being hard on oneself and sabotaging behaviours.  These are examples of how we do not treat ourselves kindly. Clearing your Love Pathway will enable you to exude with love and magnify your heart where the love you possess inside for yourself and life is limitless. There will be plentiful – enough for you and for others. Be the love that you want to receive.

Love is a precious commodity and cannot be given away freely.  Together with Alphabet B – Boundaries _ setting boundaries can enable you to deposit love in the Emotional Bank Account for you to draw on. There will be times when we are challenged, when we might neglect ourselves and deny ourselves love as our focus is distracted.   However, we soon come to the realisation that we are depleted and we need to centre ourselves to get back on track.

Working on the Love pathway is a continuous and evolving process, as individuals grow, evolve and create an abundant life. Loving yourself multiplies where you will receive deposits from the Universe enabling you to create “Life my Way.”

Do you truly desire a life of greatness and abundance?

If your answer is a resounding yes, set your intentions to clear your pathways to create a “Life my Way’ and obtain your personal copy of 26 Pathways now at: https://lnkd.in/gwHd2K4d

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