One such client that awakened in me my love of jewelry is Tricia Lalljee Carter. At every virtual session she came on with the most beautiful, exquisite piece of collectible jewelry that adorned her outfit for the day. No matter how busy she was, there was yet another piece displayed. I looked forward to attending each session, as she paired another piece of jewelry with her outfit. This one factor enhanced the experience of virtual coaching for me. I was inspired to reciprocate in like manner, and I carefully selected what I should wear on the day of our scheduled appointment. This was a bonding experience for both coach and client.

While I was on a work life balance escapade to Cartagena, Colombia. As I had jewelry on my mind, it seemed that I was surrounded by jewelry of all kinds. I was overcome with not only nature’s beauty, but also with the Arts & Culture of the environment I found myself in. I decided to embrace this new opportunity of being in another culture with open arms. I decided to step out of my Comfort Zone and involve myself in the adventure by participating in the Present. While I worked with my clients during the day, I attended Spanish Language classes, Dance Lessons, visited the Art Galleries and Jewelry Stores in the evenings and on weekends. I truly intended to maximise my intercultural experience.

Then, one afternoon my friend Jennie captured my attention and invited me to a jewelry store that knocked me out. Each item in the store was intricately handcrafted and designed by the owner, Catalina. I was in awe of her talent, creativity and craftsmanship. I, of course was thinking of Tricia who would be in perfect bliss in this store. Needless to say, many a peso was spent that day.

Jewelry, is an accessory and adornment that is both historical and unique to a region or country. In some cultures it is a status symbol, it is also given as gifts to express affection, cement vows, commemorate special occasions, an exchange of friendship, sentiment, marital vows, birthdays. The list of uses of jewelry is endless. My own collection takes me back over the years with each piece having its own story.

Thank you, Tricia, for awakening in me a love of jewelry.

So, what’s your favorite piece of jewelry? And what special memory does it have for you? I would love to know.