This past month I have been extremely consumed with the subject of Intention Setting and the positive outcome that it has on personal achievement. I therefore, began to avidly read as much as I could on the subject.

Richard Boyatzis is a world reputed expert on Behaviour Change and Emotional Intelligence. Through his research and longitudinal studies, he puts forward a reflective and impactful finding. In his work on the Intentional Change Theory in 2006, he makes a clear distinction between the concepts of;

  • setting SMART goals which he hypothesizes is about compliance, and
  • Intentional Change” which is about realizing your dreams through vision.

The point that fascinates me about Richard’s research is that he extrapolates compliance as coming from compelling obligation, adherence and conformity. In setting goals, we become embroiled in the planning and execution rather than focusing on the bigger picture. Not achieving goals then sets us up for failure. Our perception of failure leads us to be disappointed affecting our self esteem, creating a catabolic or negative energy.

The ride we want to be on is Intentional Change which has to do with a positive mindset, where we move forward. This involves, what Richard Boyatzis calls the journey of self discovery and creating a vision of where we desire to be. Intentional Change comes from the heart. In his article he talks about the focus on five discoveries that can lead us to sustainable personal growth. They are:

Questions to ask while creating your ideal self:

  1. Who do I desire to be?
  2. What qualities and characteristics do I seek to acquire?
  3. How does my ideal self show up?
  4. What is it that I desire to have that do not have now?
  5. What do I need to let go of in order to achieve my ideal self?
  6. What resources do I have to be who I want to be?
  7. Who is in my network for me to create relationships?
  8. With my current life’s situation am I In line with my ideal self?
  9. What energy will show up when I am in overwhelm?
  10. How will I know when I am living my ideal self?