Be the sun breaking through the clouds.
– A.D Posey

We have all experienced the devastating effects that the Coronavirus brought along with it and which have changed our lives for eternity. It changed the way we did everything; our lifestyles were turned topsy turvy, and time stood still. Whether we accept it or not, the aftermath has shattered our souls; loss of jobs, savings, and loved ones, we surrendered to the wrath of the virus. But the truth remains unaltered, “Life goes on!”

As we look back on history, it validates that life continued after the great wars and pandemics, and from those depressing times we saw the emergence of famous people, the development of product brands and conglomerates that are to date acknowledged for their success and are referenced in history and marketing texts. So, who were these people that stood defiant to the gravest of catastrophes? Were they the subservient or defiant ones? The answer to the question is evident, in that they confronted those challenges and turned them into opportunities. These individuals didn’t spend time crying over terrible things that were happening to them but instead struggled to rise above their surroundings. If Cholera, Leprosy, Typhoid, HIV, and SARS hadn’t struck us earlier, giving us the experience of uncertainty, probably the present days may have been even more wretched for us and the scientists. The point I am driving home here is that one should face life’s challenges with courage and not succumb to being a victim of tough times. Confronting it head-on could open pathways to fulfillment that we might have thought unimaginable. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

Principles are formulated by making timely decisions that are tested time and again. Principles require a commitment to reach desirable results. “An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.” – Thomas Paine. For me, principles are life’s pathways, each pathway carefully curated after testing them time and again, and the joys and wonders they bring to one have no price.

After witnessing my dear mother’s lifelong struggle with mental illness, I was inspired to make it my life’s mission to create abundance in my surroundings and to experience a life that is sheer joy for everyone around me. Happiness is infectious.

From the 50 years of running my life’s obstacle race, I created 26 principles which I call 26 Pathways to a Life my Way. These 26 pathways brought me courage, success, joy, and abundance. I am positive that they can be life-changing for you too.

Stay tuned for your invitation to the launch of the 26 Pathways to a Life my Way Guide Book and its availability next month.