Definition of Dance: To move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.


The very word “dance”, conjures up a vison of body movement to sound, that is an expression of joy and happiness. Neuroscientists, and Happiness Gurus advise that dancing creates endorphins the chemicals in our body that are an antidote to depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

Dancing has options, you can dance solo, with a single partner or with a group. Certain societies see dancing as an inherent cultural component. Those cultures in turn are associated with being more expressive and happier. The World of Music that we dance to, has an infinite gamut of genres and thanks to the advancement in technology is all within our reach. Thanks to iTunes and YouTube. When we switch on the television, we find that music forms an integral part of programming that sets the tone for messaging. Fortunately, I grew up in an environment where dance and music were associated with happy times and it has been my rescue in times of distress; an elixir to elevate my spirits.

Does dancing exude happiness? Learn more by reading this article and the studies shared on the powerful impact of dancing.

This month I want to talk about the ‘dance of life’, which at times forces us to move our mindset to accommodate many different tunes. These tunes that we are compelled to dance to, are at times not to our personal liking or even of our choice. Currently, our ongoing global situation is throwing different tunes at us and we are in a constant state of adjustment, dealing with the uncertain and the unknown.

So, in what way does this compare to the ‘dance of life’? Well, when the music is being played, lack of alignment or resistance to the natural call of movement creates difficulty in moving forward. This makes us feel stagnant and paralyzed, unable to decipher our next course of action.

As they say if you’re dancing to the same old tune, you become oblivious of your movements and the sound, this is when your mindset is fixed. If you change the tune, the steps, and the rhythm, change thus exuding happiness, excitement and life — the outcome changes. Miracles happen but for that you need to change your tune.

To experience the growth mindset, you have to step out of your Comfort Zone into the Learning Zone and into the Abundance Zone. This calls for a ‘Dancing Mindset’ that is associated with alignment, discipline, focus and control. This requires a deep sense of self awareness and acceptance. However, if we could create our own tune and rhythm that aligns with our thoughts and emotions (thinking and feelings), we could dance up the highest peak and come out over the top unscathed. Do you know why? That is because, when our thoughts and feelings are aligned, we create intentions which direct our subconscious onward to achievement of success in all our endeavors.

As the month of May approaches, we are beckoned to engage in movement and welcome the new season. Let the month of May be the month of DANCE, where you create a new rhythm, that permits your spirt to soar to the sounds of the tune of your choice. It is exciting and fulfilling to dance with someone. At Coaching Worx we dance with the Cuatro Method. Come join me as we touch great heights.

Dancing Tips:

Let May be the month of:

  1. Renewal and enhanced self-awareness where you flow into a rhythm of achieving your dreams.
  2. Stating your intentions out loud – once a thought is spoken it embodies our consciousness and once written is a commitment to ourselves.
  3. Doing something each day to step out of your old tune and create a new one.
  4. Maintaining a log of your new stretches.
  5. Encouraging others to dance with you so that they can embrace the new you.
  6. Come dance with me and enjoy a Quantum Leap Discovery Session.