“There are days when I wake up in a fog and don’t know where I am or where I am going. It feels like I am in an endless ocean and no matter how much I swim I can’t get out of it.” Says one of my clients. “Why is that so?” I ask. And he responds, “I am in a fog in the “middle of nowhere”. “Describe what Nowhere looks like?” I ask. And he says “I just feel stuck. I have so much to do and I just cannot move or think straight. I can’t meet my deadlines. “Why is that so?”, I ask. “Oh, just my mind is blank – I just don’t do it right.”

Does this situation sound familiar to you? If so, then you are in a mindset called “self doubt”.

What is self doubt? Self doubt is a feeling of:

  • being uncertain of one’s future,
  • lacking personal vision,
  • doubting one’s abilities,
  • having no control

Where does self doubt originate?
Self doubt is created in our own mind.  At one time or another we all experience self doubt, which can be triggered by:

  • Lack of self confidence,
  • Perceived negative feedback and criticism,
  • Fear of the unknown and uncertainty,
  • Perceived rejection,
  • Lack of personal direction,
  • Mindset programming,
  • Personal orientation,
  • Blocked creativity,
  • Comparing one’s self to others,
  • Concern of others’ opinions about you,
  • Scarcity mindset,
  • Perfectionism,
  • Too many distractions, and
  • A host of other reasons.

What can you do to over come self doubt?
Self doubt if ignored for too long can cause a condition of overwhelm and anxiety. You want to keep swimming and not drown in the sea of overwhelm, but rather survive in the world of abundance.  Some tried and tested tips to help you swim to shore are:

  1. Build your self-confidence
    Make a list of 50 Accomplishments over the last three months.
    This does not have be complicated, simple accomplishments are, waking up each morning.


  1. Declutter your life
    What can you let go of? You don’t have to do everything yourself, ask for help.


  1. Start a gratitude journal
    Write down three things that you are grateful for daily. This opens pathways in your brain to positive thinking.


  1. Create rituals that give you personal joy and satisfaction
    Like taking time out for yourself – meditation, yoga, a massage.


  1. Create an intention that is bigger than yourself
    If it is not “daunting” then it is not worth doing. This will give you a stretch and create an abundant vision that you can focus on.


  1. Do one thing each day that moves you out of your comfort zone.
    Stretching yourself each day builds the resilience muscle and takes away from negative thinking.


  1. Daily exercise and body movement
    Exercise creates serotonin and dopamine, a great antidote to self doubt, examples are walking and dancing. Besides, when you look in the mirror you can appreciate your personal beauty.


  1. Journal your thoughts so you explore your creativity
    Put your thoughts down on paper and do a mental decluttering to open the doors to your creative imagination.


  1. Deal with distractions
    We get distracted when we experience discomfort and choose to do something else that is easier and more comfortable. Confront your distractions and plan your day taking 18 minutes each morning to state intentions when you start your day.


  1. View your mistakes as an opportunity to learn
    There is no such thing as a mistake – take the “M” word out of your vocabulary. An opportunity to learn is a great step towards overcoming self doubt.


These 10 tips are guaranteed to knock the self doubt out of you. Instead of choosing to be in the “Middle of Nowhere”, you will be “Somewhere” just where you desire to be.

Coaching Worx engages in the business of mindset change from one of Overwhelm to one of Abundance through Intentional Change. To learn more about Overcoming Self Doubt book yourself for a Quantum Leap Discovery Session.