My recent escapade from the isolation of the pandemic took me to British Columbia and Alberta, giving me the much-needed respite and exposure to new experiences.

On my journey, I had a memorable encounter with a young man. As is customary when two people meet, we began our introductions by exchanging life stories. He began by telling me he was a cyber security specialist starting from the young age of 14. His curiosity and intelligence enabled him to cross boundaries which got him into serious trouble and as he candidly shared with me, he spent some time in prison. His candor caught me off-guard and took me by complete surprise. This was a traumatic period of his life impacting how he conducts himself personally and professionally ahead.

In turn, he ask me about my life. His openness triggered memories of my own time in prisons. Mental and Emotional prisons. My imprisonment was self-imposed. For some of us this confined existence could have been as recent as the COVID experience, feeling/being imprisoned by the situation, for others we may have instituted a prison of another nature.

If we were to take a moment to reflect and ask ourselves, how many times in our lives have we felt imprisoned? OR imprisoned ourselves to our thoughts?  Been a prisoner to our fears? Criminalized ourselves by being judge and jury? Condemned ourselves, passed severe verdicts, and sentenced ourselves to terms of imprisonment, by wearing invisible shackles. the keys to which we hide, throw out, or hand over to someone else, believing that we have no other option. In doing so, diminishing or throwing away our personal power.

At times, we may have even removed the shackles for a short period and found we were unable to face the world without them, so we put them on again or got new ones. We have then felt stifled, suffocated, stuck or even paralyzed, unable to think, or move out of our very own prison.

If it were not for the gift of the ‘Independent Will’ – we would all be shackled. Our will controls our mindset – a scarcity mindset, a victim mindset driving us into OVERWHELM, a mind set which limits us and prevents us from experiencing ABUNDANCE. This same mind set can be willed into having the very opposite thoughts.

Can we release ourselves from a prison of our own restrictions and experience permanently freeing ourselves from the shackles of our limitations?

The answer to that question lies entirely with us.

Learn more about how to release yourself from your own prison and creating your ABUNDANCE.

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