Steven Covey has been one of my most powerful influencers. I attribute my chosen profession to his teachings and wisdom.

Sharpening the Saw may have a different connotation for each individual, as we all are uniquely different. For me the words mean the same: take a break and give it a rest, exercise self-care. One can choose to take a break and exercise self-care, in whatever way that their heart calls out to them to do.

The most important factor is recognizing when you need to take the break, the how follows.

My recently introduced e-guidebook 26 Pathways to a Life my Way, was one way in which I could share how one could exercise self-care and clear barriers and obstacles that hinder them from moving towards being the best version of themselves.

I also appreciate the Cultural Orientations Framework, COF™ as it provides appropriate language by which we become more self-aware and appreciate what is not visible in the differences that other individuals bring to us.

The Globe has diminished in size as multicultural societies have emerged and contributed to diversity in societies. We can clear pathways and adopt what we enjoy from other cultures that resonates with us the most.

On a recent trip to Cartagena, Colombia I cleared a major pathway for myself and stepped out of my Comfort Zone not having danced in a few years, and chose to sharpen the Saw by engaging in Salsa Dance Classes.