Were you aware that each of us is born with our very own unique code to create an Abundant Mind?

I call it the Abundance Code.

It might take us a while and a bit of work to discover the perfect code combination, but when we do, we are able to access our inner vault and draw out the amazing gifts that we possess which are stored unutilized within us.

Do you want this valuable personal resource to waste undiscovered? Hopefully, your answer is a resounding NO.

Our Self Discovery Journey is timeless, a lifelong learning process, building on ourselves one brick at a time. This should not intimidate you as it is a fulfilling adventure full of surprises. What was impossible is now possible.

How? What? When? Where? Who? And, Why?  The answers to these questions rest solely upon us.  How willing are you then:

  • to take the first step and embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery (Warning: it is all unchartered territory),
  • to take on challenges and face adversity head-on,
  • to remain focused and relentless in your pursuit,
  •  to step out of your Comfort Zone and enter the Growth Zone constantly,
  • to change and alter your mindset, and
  • to embrace a new you each time this happens.

Angela, one of my clients had been suffering for years as a result of an abusive childhood. She was endowed with many gifts and attained an executive position in a reputable organization, had a family and from the external view of things, she had a nice life. Visually she was a successful person, who would not have wanted what she had. But (and this is a big but), she nurtured negative thoughts of worthlessness and fear of failure that contributed to sabotaging behaviours. These negative thoughts and emotions dominated her existence and prevented her from experiencing the joys of her achievements and the impact of her dedicated work. She always felt challenged but never fulfilled.  This feeling of inadequacy was pervading her thoughts and emotions, creeping up and slowly destroying what was inside her vault. This saboteur was showing up as withdrawal from engagement, lack of energy and creativity, and constant fear of being wrong and not good enough. Angela was in a state of Overwhelm. All in all, a heavy burden to carry This story is not a new one, it exists for most and the best of us.

Angela and I began a partnership after she answered yes to all of the above questions, and we agreed on a process of action to take a deep dive into the inner crevices of her vault and slowly began to discover the appropriate password for her to begin leading an abundant life.

The first clue to the Abundance Code in opening up the vault was the practice of Forgiveness and letting go of the past. Early in my readings and studies on self-healing, I discovered a piece from Gloria Steinheim in her book Revolution from Within – A book on Self Esteem, published in 1993, where she talks about a powerful exercise that helps release the past by working with our inner child.

In Angela’s case, the precious loving child residing within her was compelled to assume the challenging role of an adult confronting what was in front of her.  As the years rolled by, she never let go of the burden of the role and continued protecting her inner child through her adulthood.  With coaching tools, she was able to release herself from the past and embrace her worthiness to experience abundance in the now. Our sense of worthiness beckons the Universe to recognize that you are ready to receive your Abundance gifts.

Think about what you need to release to feel worthy of Abundance. I would love to hear your responses to this question.