This is the 12th edition of my Newsletter. A year ago, I never thought that I could or would do this. I “procrastinated” over making this commitment for quite a while before I jumped in and began to write and publish.

What kept me from doing it? Procrastination. Procrastination is a common state that we go through from time to time and have some difficulty over coming it. Many a client come to me with a situation that sounds the same. Adam Grant so clearly states:

NOW, as we move out of 2021 and about to begin 2022, it is an appropriate time for us to think about all the goals we had set at the beginning of the year, and reflect on what we did or did not get done. You may discover that your biggest barrier was not laziness but some or all of the above.
Fear can attribute to being one of the biggest hurdles that prevents us and a reason for delaying doing something that is most worthy of our pursuit. Why, you may ask, do we do this to ourselves? The answer to this question is unique to each one of us. However some commonalities, in addition to the point made by Adam Grant, that support procrastination are:

  • Doing – requires moving out of our comfort zone
  • Having a fear of failure
  • Experiencing an impostor syndrome – “I am not good enough”
  • Being in a state of overwhelm

Dr. John DeMartini tells us that we do what we find easy and enjoy, and we put off doing what we perceive to be difficult and that which requires more effort. My experience is that nothing is impossible, the “I’m possible” mindset is a great motivator. If we were to focus on the outcome rather than on the process of what we desire to achieve, the first step in the journey will have less resistance and will ease taking the first step.

In these unprecedented times we are faced with the additional challenge of uncertainty. After this length of time, we can embrace uncertainty, use it as an opportunity that propels rather than inhibits us and keeps us in a state of procrastination.

Purpose, Vision, and Intention are three factors that will accelerate your movement out of procrastination and propel you towards being the best version of yourself.

My recommended approach to overcoming procrastination involves three steps:

Do work that is thrilling, important and daunting.” Michael Bungay Stanier

Defining Your Purpose answers these questions:

  • Why?
  • Why do I want to this?
  • How is achievement going to serve me?
  • Is it only for me?
  • Is it for others?
  • What will happen when I achieve it?
  • What do I need to give up in order to achieve it?
  • What do I need to achieve it?

If you can see it, then you can do it.”

Creating Your Vision will:

  • Move you out of your comfort zone
  • Develop the outcomes that you desire
  • Define your outcomes
  • Bring to reality what is possible, seeing, feeling, tasting, and hearing

The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments.” Wayne Dyer

Setting Your Intentions will:

  • Solidify your purpose and vision
  • Establish commitment through thought + emotion = Action
  • Declare to yourself and others what you truly desire
  • Create the mindset and space to guarantee positive results
  • Accelerate success

Coaching Worx engages in the business of mindset change  from one of Overwhelm to a that of Abundance through Intentional Change. You may book yourself for a Quantum Leap Discovery Session. Watch out for my new program, which will put you in the right space for ensuring that you perform as the best version of yourself. Wishing you a thriving new year in 2022!