For many years I have been intrigued by the power of the human mind and how its functioning can be commanded by our personal choosing. To that end, I have spent many an hour in the quest of acquiring knowledge on how to best equip myself to help others take charge of their minds, their will and eventually their lives. My forays led me to read great past works of philosophers like J. Krishnamurti (May 1895 to February 1986), psychologists like Victor Frankyl (March 1905 to September 1997) the works of whom convinced me that mind set change was possible without medication, hypnosis or invasive surgery.

As we fast forward to the 21st century much publicized works  of myriads of psychologists, neuroscientists, sociologists, researchers and other related fields have proven that mind set change is possible with a simple yet powerful tool known today as “Coaching”. These gurus have been an influential factor in quenching my thirst for knowledge about the said issue. Today I live my dream and passion using the power of Coaching to release the mind from the bondage of negative programming and thoughts to create a mindset of living a fulfilling life of inner freedom and abundance.

Intention setting is a proven mind tool that works with our thoughts and emotions to bring about actions and positive results. If you think negative, you will receive negative. And, if you think positive it is no surprise that you gather positive. Intentions are positive statements that reinforce commitments made to the self in the now, that leads to achievement in the future. Goals setting is different in that the attention is given to achieve that which we perceive we do not have in the now and we hope to attain in the future. The power of setting an intention, is that intentions combine our unique resources within us to give us that which we need the most.

One of my clients chose to embark on the journey of “intention setting” in bite sizes, instead of setting traditional annual goals. Jane D. had a clear vision and purpose of what she intended to see happening in her life, so she created a daily program where achievement and success were part of her daily practice.

She began the daily habits of practicing rituals, using resources such as: journaling, reflection and expression of gratitude that facilitated her to focus on her life’s intention. This practice kept her on track with her purpose. Soon all roads were in alignment and began to lead her mindset in the direction of fulfillment because in intention setting the thoughts (thinking) and emotions (feeling) are in alignment to be in complete harmony with our inner desires.

The fundamental laws of nature govern the process of achieving our life’s intentions. How long does it take for a chicken to hatch? The answer is 14 days. How long does it take for a human being to be born? Now, you know the answer to that question, and how long does it take for an elephant to be enter the world? It takes 24 months. The process cannot be shortened or lengthened. It simply is a process of natural growth. So, my question is do you want chickens or do you want elephants?

Lessons learned from these simple laws of nature are that in order to achieve what we desire most from our lives we need to adhere to a similar process. This process requires consistency, discipline and daily nurturing of our mindset that purposefully drives us to achieve that which we most desire.

Coaching Worx engages in the business of mindset change from one of Overwhelm to a that of Abundance. To learn more about Unleashing your Power, I invite you to book yourself for a Quantum Leap Discovery Session.