The answer to this question is neither right nor is it wrong.

It’s a brand spanking new year and the second month is almost upon us. We are soon to enter the third year of existing in the pandemic. Who would have thought that we had the endurance and resilience to survive this time? We have and we did. Uncertainties are realities of this world. Consequently, many questions have arisen in our minds that are exacerbated by our surroundings and environment. We must understand that there are answers to some questions and none for others. However, we need to decide whether or not we are willing to wait for the responses before we move on.  Are we willing to wait for the chicken or the egg?


These last two years have taught us that not all questions have answers or not the answers that we are looking for. So, we question ourselves. But whatever the answer is to all of our questions, it will be neither right nor wrong. Because there is no such thing as wrong only an opportunity to grow and learn. It will be right for whoever answers it as right and if you think it is wrong then you are correct.

And so, the questions of the day are:

Why is it that are we in constant search of being right?
Why do we give being right so much importance?
Why are we looking for what is wrong?
What is wrong with us?


Nothing actually. If only we can accept that we were created perfect. External validation is not necessary. It is only our internal validation that matters. There are no responses to questions that exist outside of you. The only right answer, is the one that is right in front of you. The one that we may not want to accept. Why do we not want to accept it? Because we are so afraid that if we were wrong, then what? The concept of the answer being right or wrong is by definition one of our very own creations. A piece of work that we create. A movie. What is wrong for me may be very right for you and vice versa.  So, there is no one size fits all approach to getting the right answer.  There is no mathematical formula in existence that when put it thru BODMAS it will give us consistent results.


So then, why is it important for us to be in pursuit of being right?
A question worthy of rumination.
WE are all knowing.  All answers come from within us.
So then, if we have all the answers lie within us, what is it that prevents us from listening to and accepting our inner voice. Is it our fear of being wrong? – and who is that Judge that discerns what is wrong. We, we ourselves play Judge, Jury and Executioner all three roles at the same time, and thwart our movement forward, sentencing ourselves to be prisoners of the fear of being wrong.

Living in fear is not living at all. As I write this, I think of Whitney Houston’s famous and beautiful song “The greatest love of all” and how her life ended so tragically, running away from her own fears.

Living in fear is living in a world of unworthiness, living in a world of self depreciation, living in a world of self deprivation. Is that what we want for ourselves?

As we move through this New Year, lets begin it by letting go and releasing ourselves of all that we fear and give ourselves permission to know that we are right for ourselves no matter what, give ourselves permission to discover and experience our own unique worthiness, give ourselves permission to cross borders that we never dared to enter. In so doing, conquer our fears and embrace an intentional life of abundance.