This morning while chatting with a friend, we were exchanging thoughts on what it takes to have a positive mind set and how difficult it is to maintain when surrounded by negativity and overwhelm. This is not uncommon post pandemic. So, I shared with him what I draw attention to when working with clients – “You will always find what you are looking for”. If you are looking for obstacles and negativity you will find and see it everywhere, and if you are looking for opportunity you will find and see it everywhere.” It depends on your mind-set.

Later the same day, I was in a coaching session with one of my Ezra clients, Michell Hank. Michelle has been working with her great team to attain phenomenal goals despite the global challenges. Given the success of the last two years, her intention this year was to focus on building team cohesion and the human element into the workplace. Her first step was to begin encouraging deeper dialogue with her team members in their one on one sessions and in team meetings. After several discussions, her team unanimously chose their theme for the year 2022 – “#Mindset”.

The first step they took to manifest their theme “#Mindset” was to designate a member was to post a daily affirmation to team members. This was to start the day with a positive “#Mindset”.

The second step was to create a group chat to enable the team to communicate with each other on an informal basis daily. This was set up to provide a safe environment in which members could express and share thoughts, feelings and ideas spontaneously to each other during the day. Anyone from the team was free to respond.

The third initiative was posting these questions daily in the Group Chat:

 “What is your Mindset today? What are you looking for?, and Why?”

The answers to the question posted were to have no boundaries, be respectful without judgement and above all show empathy and compassion for each other. Examples of postings are:

  • Today I have a curious #Mindset – I need answers to several questions.

  • Today I have a nurturing #Mindset – I need or am able to nurture someone that day.

  • Today I have a questioning #Mindset – I have tough questions on a certain project.

  • Today I have a fearful #Mindset – I am afraid to step out of my Comfort Zone.

  • Today I have a negative #Mindset  – I had an altercation on the way to work.

This powerful exercise has opened doors to conversations that are fostering a positive #Mindset among the team, building bonding relationships, are able to release overwhelm and anxiety resulting in a happier staff.

An example ow what evolves in a coaching session! Thank you, Michelle, for being open to the exploration.